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Why Should You Study in Prague?

pragda-universiteli-ogrencilerPrague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. Prague has rich culture – UNESCO monuments, beautiful countryside, and Prague is the centre of Czech culture. You can live high European standard of living for low cost so again it is very helpful and advantageous for students. Many of the universities are located in Prague. You can meet many foreigner students and become friends with them. Also there is possibility to learn Czech language which will be very helpful for your living in the Czech Republic (if you are interested in our English-Czech courses, please click here). ). Also you will never get bored in Prague, there are many activities to do such as sports, historical trip and cultural activities, shopping, relaxation and wellness. On below you can find, universities and their departments.

Bachelor’ Programs


 Master’s Programs


Business Administration
Business Administration :Marketing and Communications Emphasis
Business Administration: Strategic Marketing Analysis and Planning Emphasis
Business Administration and Human Resources Management
Business Administration and Sales
Business Administration and Financial Management
Business Administration and Operations, Logistics and Quality Management
Management (MBA)
Corporate Finance Management in the Global Environment
Marketing Management in the Global Environment
Business Administration
International Management
Finance and Banking
Project Management
Online Flexible MBA
Law in the Global Business Environment
Master of Laws (LL.M.)
Law in the Global Business Environment
International Marketing Law
International Relations
International Economic Relations
Inernational Management
International Territorial Studies : Anglophone Studies
International Relations and Economics
International Relations and Diplomacy
International Territorial Studies

International Territorial Studies : International Relations and European Studies
International Territorial Studies: International Relations and Asian Studies

Communication & Mass Media
Journalism and Communications

Visiual Arts
Politics and Sociology
Humanities and Sociology
Jewish Studies: History and Culture
International Territorial Studies : Anglophone Studies
English Literature and Language
IT Management
Hospitality Management
Anglophone Studies
Strategic Communications
Second Language Learning & Teaching

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