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Why ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk

ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk was established in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic in 2013 with the partnership of Czech-Turkish. ÇekTürk serves as a bridge between business and social worlds. In this direction we provide many services in both countries, on the other hand, we reinforce the social relations with our socio-cultural activities.


1. We are the biggest Czech-Turkish community in the World

Since 2013, we have become the biggest Czech-Turkish association in the world. Day by day our team enlarges and we are happy to welcome Czech-Turkish-Slovak members to our team.

Sosyal ve kültürel etkinliklerimize ücretsiz olarak katılabilirsiniz. Türk Filmi Geceleri, Prag.

2. Connecting closely both business and social lives of Czech-Turkish

Our mission is not only focusing on business and trade but also serving as a social and cultural bridge. Besides our professional business operations for businessmen and companies, we bring Czech and Turkish communities together with social events.


3. Czech and Turkish contacts from different sectors and fields

In both countries, we have partners from medical field to energy field. We aim to create long term, professional business and social relations based on trust.


4. Our experiences and knowledge in the Czech Republic and Turkey

Our cofounders’ experience and contacts in international companies such as Czech Trade, Turkish Airlines and Czech Invest, also relation with consulate and ministry. Detailed information about business-education-culture in Czech-Turkish-English blog posts.

Çek Cumhuriyeti'nde iş, eğitim, turizm, emlak, sigorta, fuar, çeviri hizmetlerimizden faydalanabilirsiniz.

5. Our long-term Business Partners

Our long-term professional business partners who we walk and grow together.

krajane_istanbul_cekturk_ceskoturecko  uniqa_sigorta_cek_prag_cekturk   ABF_prag_fuar_cekturk   pva_expo_cekturk_prag_fuar  foreigners_ico

6. Well-supported References

Beside our international references such as Siemens-SMT-Preciosa, we give importance to individual satisfaction. We are ready to assist you in your special days, vacations even if you are only a small group.


7. Situated in equal distance in Czech and Turkish worlds

Knowing both languages and knowing both markets.


Business – trade – education – insurance – real estate – driving course and more. Is there any other sphere you would like to be assisted?



9. Fast and Personal approach

Including night-day-weekend, we are ready you assist in your every need and service.


10. Briefly our creating difference in Czech-Turkish world

ÇekTürk saw the big gap in business and social field, with your feedbacks we try our best to fill the gap in accordance with your needs and wishes. We are a foundation which changes the sector both business-trade and social-cultural in the Czech-Turkish world. Your feedbacks and pleasantness are what makes us happy.

Please contact us from and +420 775 177 364.