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Wedding in Prague

ÇekTürk provides  you a dream wedding organization in Prague. Even, it includes everything that airport transfer, accommodation, professional hair and make-up, photographer !


Aslı Kayıkçı Gümüşel, September 2015, Wedding in Prague with ÇekTürk:

 ” Deciding to marry in a city that we have never seen is a risky situation. However, at that point, thanks to Çektürk that it was a great ease and confidence to be able to ask questions, receive support and get answers instantly for every question for the airport, hairdresser and photographer.

The help of the ÇekTürk family in this organization and the help of a bride’s request in every detail can be a great contribution to the perfect weding of this special day. 

CekTurk_organizasyon_Prague_wedding      turk_dugun

” Hair, make-up etc. are very important for every bride and I was very lucky for this. Thanks to professionally arranged by ÇekTürk family everything was so fun and I was so happy . ”

Aslı Kayıkçı Gümşel

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Prague is a wonderful city for the couples who want a special, romantic and without any stress wedding. We decided to marry in a country  we have never been and every memory belonged only for us .”

Aslı Gümüşel

Cemile Bora & Arda Çetinkaya, June 2016, : Wedding in Prague with ÇekTürk

“We are very pleased to have met CekTurk while researching marriage preparations. Your support for important details has greatly reduced our stress. The result of professional and quality services was perfect. ”

prag_turk_dugun_ceskoturecko_cek_cumhuriyeti       prag_cekturk_dugun

Cemile ve Arda’nın Prag’da düğün hikayesini merak ediyorsanız tıklayınız.

Simge Satır Öztürker & Emrah Öztürker, December 2016,Wedding in Prague with ÇekTürk:

Prag_düğün_keyfi_çektürk   cekturk_prag_turk_dugunu

”It was not just a wedding in Prague, but also a tale that seemed to be alive.

“ The helpfulness and friendliness of the ÇekTürk is getting me them full marks! ” -Simge Satır Öztürker

Simge Satır Öztürker ve Emrah Öztürker’in Prag’da peri masalı gibi düğün hikayelerinin detayı için tıklayınız.

All of your wedding preparations in Prague are from ÇekTürk!

  • Professional hair and make-up
  • Bridal flower/ Groom collar flower
  • Interior decoration
  • Professional wedding photographer, wedding videos and more …

 All your needs for your guests and weeding in Prague:


Contact us for wedding requests and inquiries in Prague:
+420 775 177 364

We wish endless happiness for all couples who want to marry in Prague!