Interview with Famous Ebru Artist Atilla Can

Interview with Famous Ebru Artist Atilla Can

We had an opportunity to have an interview with Atilla Can, who is the important name behind of Ebru’s acceptance for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and 5th World Ebru Day which will be held this year between the dates 21-27 November 2016, in Prague, Czech Republic. While reading the interview with joy, you will read some information for the very first time! Like, why this year 5th World Ebru Day is held in Prague…                                                                                    Ebru_2             Ebru_3

Now let’s begin our interview with respectable ebru artist Atilla Can;

1)Can you tell us about yourself?
I was born in 1969, for my whole life I have never detached from art and I am in love with ebru art. I am father of one beautiful daughter and I am a husband who believes that art, creation and imagination can be created through freewill and life has certain purpose, adopts indispensability of toleration and consistency in life as a principle and makes an effort for cultural ambassador.


                                     Atilla Can’s picture in Prague…

2)Where and when was the first time that you saw ebru art?
I have already known the existence of Ebru, as I was doing painting. Rendering on water, is what makes ebru interesting and charming. This made me feel like I cannot resist its charm. I started searching Ebru. The first time I saw ebru in an exhibition, in İstanbul. That time I decided that I should start ebru.

3) After this first interaction how did you start ebru?
I started searching to learn Ebru. I met some Ebru teachers, their style didn’t fit to me. My searching continued and one day I was guest of one the calligraphy artist whom I know in Sultanahmet, İstanbul. I asked him “Is there any place that I can learn Ebru?”, and I was shocked by the man who sat next to me said “I am Ebru teacher.”. Ali Çalışır is at the same time student of calligraphy artist. After a long chat he invited me to his studio. With this meeting I got my first ticket to long Ebru journey. My first lesson appointment was on 29th May, Sunday in Zal Mahmut Pasha social-complex. Janissary band members were preparing for ceremony of conquest of Istanbul. Janissary band members were military department who give courage to soldiers, keep soldiers’ soul alive and fearless. On that exceptional day, on birthday of Istanbul, I started my art life with taking the first ebru lesson. And I can comment on that, this exceptional day affected me to make new conquers in ebru art, dream of what cannot be done and win a victory and to be fearless in this art.Ebru_1

4)How does ebru make you feel like?
Ebru is a way of living, a happiness which is impossible to describe. Ebru is a love bridge between people no matter what is their language, religion, colour or appearance. Ebru is the only art in the World whose canvas is water. Above all ebru is a love story which is written on water.

5) What kind of difficulties you came up with while adding Ebru art on UNESCO list? You were telling people who don’t believe you and support you…
In this world we occupy a place as big as our dreams. People had already decided that my UNESCO dream was too high. Some people said that it is impossible idea, there are bureaucratic obstacles and it is a war that I cannot win on my own.  Some people called me dreamer Don Quixote, and no one would ever help me like Sancho Panza and I would be all my own. Some thought that why we didn’t think like that. Now I am asking to you, in this world how many people’s dream, idea are applaud loudly by 190 nations. I saw the people who applaud me and my idea in UNESCO Paris central building conference room. Difficulty, disbelief, isolation were not obstacle for me. I never bowed my head. Because I knew that God never gave me a burden that I couldn’t carry, I walked with determination and result is obvious. Ebru_4

6) What were your first feelings after UNESCO success?
The last thing I remember was my heart beat can be heard from outside. Waiting for the result, our winning and applauding. This was one of the best feelings in the world. I never wanted to end it.

7) Why did you choose Czech Republic to celebrate World Ebru Day?
5 countries were aspired to World Ebru Day. Czech Republic’s one of the strongest opponent was Turkey. Why Czech Republic, because Czech Republic had full complement. Czech Republic; wanted the event assured and professionally. Love for Ebru in Czech artists; Xenia and Şarka is perfect. Happy people’s country, the Czech Republic. With these reasons and more, I chose the Czech Republic. There cannot be anything wrong to celebrate World’s one of the most beautiful art in one of the most beautiful cities’ in World where is Prague.

8) Is there any meaning of Prague, Czech Republic to you?
Prague is a dream city. City of culture, art and music. A city in where Vltava River flows, has amazing bridges, tower and cathedrals. A city which leads you to travel middle ages without using time machine. Even the dictators could not spare to bomb. Prague is witness of Kafka and Milena’s love, secret heaven in the earth.

9) What do you think of this year’s event? Will more international Ebru lovers attend this day?
This year event will be amazing. I received many supports messages from 50 countries. Many artists bought their tickets from far countries to come Prague. We will make workshops, round-table conferences, private ebru lessons, ebru workshops for disabled kids and donate money to charity by selling work of arts. Meeting new ebru artists from all around the world, spending time together will make the event more meaningful. Event attracts great attention and this makes me happy even more.Ebru_5

10) If World Ebru Day did not take place in Prague, which city would it take place? Or where will be the next World Ebru Day take place?
Candidate places’ criteria are graded and ranked. If this event didn’t take place in Prague, it would take place in the subsequent city. While making preparations for Prague, 2 more country wanted to make the event. I can’t decide on 6th World Ebru Day, in 2017. However every place has a chance to win this opportunity, if they make serious approach. They can send mail to make an application. We will wait and see next year.

11) What is the popularity of Ebru art in the World?
After the triumph of UNESCO, it highly spread to the World. It is popular and well-loved art. Many people connect me all around the world to get Ebru lesson. They say they want to attend my events. Technology and communication age pulls us together even more. Ebru hasn’t spread to whole world, yet. According to my own connections and determination, ebru is done in 60 different countries all around the world.

12) What is the popularity of Ebru in Turkey and what do you think of it?
Ebru is one of the most popular art in Turkey. Everyone mentions that they want to learn this art. There many private studios. Once you see it is done in schools, then it is used for psychological rehabilitation. For some people it is art branch, for some it is life style. In Turkey Ebru is well-loved, in demand and well-known art. Every day it gets values more and bring novelty to itself.

We hope that you enjoyed this interview while reading! We want to see you in the 5th World Ebru Day in Prague.  If you want to see 5th World Ebru Day event page, please click here. Also to get tickets for event please click here!ebru-day-poster