It has been 3 weeks since I arrived in Prague and first of all, I need to say that I love this city more and more every day!

I have never been to Prague before my internship but I was always sure that it would be worth visiting that’s why, while I was looking for the companies for the internship mobility, Prague has been one of the cities that I wanted to go the most. Here, I really would like to thank ÇekTürk for providing the opportunity for Erasmus+ internship mobility because finding a company is usually very difficult for students and that is mostly why it is not as common as Erasmus+ learning mobility.

So, after having done my learning mobility I started to do research to have another experience like the one I had. However, as I expressed before to find an institution to work was not easy at all. In this case, I thought besides my English, Turkish might have been useful for me to get a traineeship abroad and when I had done the research, I have founded ÇekTürk. I believe it is really valuable that ÇekTürk gives this opportunity to many students from my country, Turkey.

Going back to Prague again; I am sure that you have heard about it many times but believe me, I need to repeat this: In Prague, transportation is really easy!

As a person who is not really used to using public transportation in Europe, I was quite worried about finding my new place after my arrival at the airport but you will also see it here that buses are very often and the order of the subway is not complicated at all.


The cities I have been to in Europe so far gave me the feeling that on Sundays and in the evening life was kind of not going on anymore. However, you should know that in this case, Prague is completely different! Even though I have arrived here on Sunday, it was really easy for me to find open supermarkets and currency exchange offices. The streets were also so lively during the entire day. So, I could easily say that it made me feel more like “home”.

Even before coming here, I could tell that Prague has become very popular in terms of tourism but when you arrive here you also see that the city receives a lot of tourists. That’s why the main attractions and the most famous places in the are really crowded. While you are walking on the streets you always hear many different languages and see many people from different nationalities.

The fact that the city has become very popular and it takes a lot of tourist lead met another fact about Prague that I was quite surprised when I found out; sometimes the city might not be as cheap as you think! I think it might be better to explain this part in more details because in fact, I do not try to tell what is well know; compared to many other cities in Europe especially for example it is compared to Western Europe, Prague is cheaper in many aspects including accommodation, food, transportation but in such city that it takes more and more tourists, it might cost you 55 CZK, approximately 9 TL to get a bottle of water from a small shop close to city center.

If we talk about how fascinating the city is I can assure that Prague is more than what people think of it! Even when you are really far away from the city centre, you are always surrounded by many beautiful buildings that create an amazing harmony together.

That’s why in such city that I am still watching around while walking, the sentence that I use the most frequently is: “I hope I can remember this place so that I can come again”. 🙂


Before telling more about how beautiful the city is I would like to mention the summer in Prague. As a person who does not like it when the weather is really hot or really cold, I have always imagined being able to have different seasons at the same time. I think I could say that I have found it here in Prague. In summer the weather here is usually warm and sometimes it can be really hot but another day with the rain you can feel like you go back to the autumn again and you get really happy even when you get soaked in the rain right after leaving your place because the city can offer you one of the most beautiful views you have ever seen in your life…


Prague-view-Charles bridge-erasmus

I am sure that the city that my first impressions have been like this so far has still many beauties to offer me, I can’t wait to get to know it better!