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According to your questions and demands, our new services for driving school in Prague, Czech Republic!

We chose the best driving school for you in the Czech Republic — with many advantages below:

  • 600 happy students every year
  • 16 great instructors
  • English speakers
  • 18 vehicles
  • Long working hours, including weekends

The CEO of the driving school tells the school’s story as seen below:

We established our driving school with the clear aim to offer perfect services for students, that cannot be found elsewhere. Students are not interested in shouting instructors, dirty cars or shortened driving. That is why we said to ourselves that we had to do it differently. And according to the number of students that grows every year, it seems that we have chosen the right path.”





11300 CZK (students)
Installments from 2000 CZK 11900 regular price
 Lenght of course: 3 months
 Number of lessons: 28
 Lessons per week: 2
 Number of theories: 18 


13500 CZK (students)
Installments from 2000 CZK 14000 CZK regular price
 Lenght of course: 2 months
 Number of lessons: 28
 Lessons per week: 4
 Number of theories: Unlimited
 Repeated exams: Free* 


17400 CZK
Installments from 2000 CZK
 Lenght of course: 1 month
 Number of lessons: 28
 Lessons per week: 10
 Number of theories: Unlimited
 Repeated exams: Free*
Priority of exam terms 

*Does not apply to fees reimbursed to the municipality of Prague



Non-EU nationals are required by law to have a long-term or permanent residence permit to be allowed to be issued the driving licence. You cannot be issued a driving license sooner than 6 months after the confirmation of residence permit issue date. But don’t worry – you can use the time to study properly 🙂


Age: 18 years (You may apply at the age of 17 but you can attend the examination at the earliest one day after your 18th birthday)
Theories: They take place every Thursday from 6 p.m.
Driving lessons: There are total of 28 driving classes and you can arrange them according to your needs from 6.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. every day including weekends.
Exams: They consist of an examination of traffic rules and a practical driving part.

What you will be allowed to drive with group B driving licence: 

 Cars with weight not exceeding 3500 kg, with no more than 8 seats beside the driver’s seat.
 Entitles you to driving vehicles with automatic transmission in group A1 and all vehicles in groups B1 and AM.
 After reaching the age of 21 it entitles you to driving a three-wheel vehicle in group A.

The course can also be completed on a car with automatic transmission. In this case, your driving license will entitle you to drive only with this type of transmission.


 You can pay for the entire set of lessons or you can pay for the course in installments with no increase. The first installment must be at least 2.000 CZK.
 You can pay cash or by card when submitting the application or transfer to a bank account or pay by card on-line.



Register with your friends and get a discount up to 1.000 CZK for all of you! The more people come, the bigger discount you will get.

 For each friend with whom you will come for registration, you and your friend or friends will get a discount of 100 CZK.

 For example, if you come in five, you and your friends will get a discount of 500 CZK. If you come in ten, everyone will get a discount of 1.000 CZK.


 The minimal amount of a discount for Basic course is 500 CZK and 1.000 CZK for Standard or Express courses.

 Students who would want to get a discount together, must come for registration together.



For registration for the driving school in Prague, for your questions and other types of demands, please contact us via or via +420 775177364. We are ready to support you also for the official translations during the course and exam, between Turkish-English and also other languages.