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Health Insurance for Foreigners in the Czech Republic

Are you planning to come to the Czech Republic as a student, Erasmus student or as a tourist? You might be coming to the Czech Republic temporarily or you might be planning to settle down here, in each of these cases, you need a health insurance in the Czech Republic!

As Çektürk, we cooperate with the most reliable and professional insurance companies that provide insurances that are valid for every official institution.

By choosing one of the companies below and clicking on the link, you can buy your health insurance online:

logo_maxima_pojistovna_160 logo_pojistovna_uniqa_160_160 Logo PVZP 160 x 160 px
You can online purchase
comprehensive health
insurance or basic health insurance
from MAXIMA.
UNIQA is the largest private
insurance company in the Czech Republic.
PVZP is branch of the VZP ČR which
has collaborated with the largest
number of hospitals.
To Purchase
Maxima insurance online, click here.
To Purchase
UNIQA insurance online, click here.
To Purchase
PVZP insurance online, click here.
  • The advantage of buying your health insurance online: buying your insurance online is more discounted than buying it from the store.
  • Discount for students: when buying the insurance those who are students should select the option “student” so they do not miss student discount.
  • The dates of your insurance should cover one day before your arrival and one day later your departure.

There are two types of health insurances: Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Basic Medical Insurance.

1. BASIC MEDICAL INSURANCE (up to 90 days)

If you will stay in the Czech Republic for short-term (less than 90 day), you should have Basic Health Insurance.

Basic medical insurance covers necessary treatment and hospitalization which cannot be postponed at all health care facilities in the Czech Republic. This insurance is recommended for individuals who do not fall under the public health system and plan only short-term stay (up to 90 days) in the Czech Republic. The insurance covers costs incurred as a result of an accident or sudden illness during the stay in the Czech Republic, including any costs related to repatriation to the country that issued the travel document or to the country where the foreigner has legal residence. Minimal coverage must be EUR 60 000 excluding any financial contribution to the aforesaid costs on the part of the insured person.

2. COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL INSURANCE (for the stays longer than 90 days)

If you will stay in the Czech Republic for long-term (more than 90 days), you need a Comprehensive Medical Insurance.

Comprehensive medical insurance is suitable for foreigners who intend to stay in the Czech Republic for 90 days or longer and require a long-term visa or long-term stay or request an extension of a visa or residence permit. This is, for example, a case of Erasmus students who are not EU citizens.

This health insurance for foreigners is similar to public health insurance. It provides preventive and dispensary health care, including care in connection with pregnancy and childbirth. That’s why you should take comprehensive insurance. Without proper comprehensive health insurance, one can neither obtain a long-term visa (temporary residency) nor a permanent residency permit.


Remember that public general practitioners (first-instance doctors) have a contract with one or more of the health insurance companies. Before purchasing an insurance, please check if the insurance company has a contract with your local doctor to prevent future problems. If you visit a doctor who has a contract with a different insurance company, not with the one you have a contract, you will probably have to pay for the health care.

By choosing one of the companies below and clicking on the link, you can buy your health insurance online:

Click here to buy UNIQA health insurance online.
Click here to buy MAXIMA health insurance online.
Click here to buy PVZP health insurance online.

“My request was done in such a short time — about changing the dates of my Czech health insurance for foreigners. So I would like to thank you to ÇekTürk for that.”

Necati Mert Mahmutoğlu, August 2017

If you still do not know which insurance you should have or if you have any problems about language – form – payment, for your questions contact:


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