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As ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk, we are glad to support Czech and Turkish businesses and individuals in both countries. Our  selected references from both Turkey and Czech Republic, are seen below:

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Some of great feedback about our services from companies and individuals from in several different fields :

TRANSLATION SERVICES, Business Meetings in Prague

Kerem Yılmaz, ALKA GROUP Sales Manager, October 2015 :
I don’t know how to thank ÇekTürk enough for arranging Czech-Turkish translator for my business meetings in Prague.

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Yücel Devrim Arık, January 2016 : “Please continue being a bridge between Czech and Turkish nations. We are following your work very closely and we wish you a great success.

Ulvi Sav, October 2015: “I am following ÇekTürk via all of the social media channels. You’re doing great!

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1. Aslı Kayıkçı Gümüşel, October 2015:
Deciding to get married in a city we had never seen before in fact a risky situation. However,  every detail  from transportation to hairdresser from hairdresser to photographing be able to ask questions,  through Çektürk that point,  to receive support, it gave a great convenience and confidence to get immediate answers to every question. Çektürk family to help on everything a bride could need help, and the organization, this particular dream was a major contribution to the emergence of today.To read the interview with the Turkish bride, click here.

2. Cemile Bora & Arda Çetinkaya, June 2016:
We are happy to meet ÇekTürk while searching for wedding preparations. They reduced our stress and preparation rush with swiftly supporting and guiding us for important details. Our wedding ceremony was very nice thanks to your professional and quality service.To read the interview with the Turkish bride, click here.

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EDUCATION SERVICES IN CZECHIA, Charles University Enrolment

Seher Karadoğan, October 2016: “I can’t thank you enough for your effort, working and attention. I will never forget your support in a very stressful time for registration procedures in Charles University which is very important for my life. Your respect and attention for your work is very noteworthy. My life will change thanks to your managing my registration in the last day of enrolment as you do your job at its best, and now I will receive the education that I dreamt for my whole life.”

Cebrail Aydur, May 2015:
Thank you ÇekTürk team for helping me in terms of education services in the Czech Republic.

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1. İdil Bora Kepir, April 2016: “As soon as you enter through the door, you feel like you are travelling back in time and entering a place in Medieval Ages. Atmosphere, decoration and music take you from out of space for 2-3 hours. Mise-en-scene, dance shows and music that displayed during dinner break were very enjoyable. I highly recommend you to come this Medieval Age tavern if you are getting acquainted with Czech culture for the first time.

2. Nesrin Acicbe, May 2016: ‘Thank you so much for your support for Medieval Nights in Prague. Our guests really like it. They were so happy during the night, during the medieval night. Show and dancers were great, everyone enjoyed it. The meal was also more than enough, we were completely full at the end of the night.”

3. Dr. Şiler Gökay, November 2016: “Medieval Night was so much fun and thanks to ÇekTürk we didn’t have any trouble with reservation. Thank you very much.

4. Mesut Öncel, June 2017: “I will always remember you with gratefulness. I would like to thank you once again for helping us spending good night.”

5. Raif Kural, September 2017: ” Medieval Tavern was excellent. We are satisfied with the ambiance, hospitality of the staff and the price.”

6. Ayşe Merve Karahal, December 2017: “It was an spectacular night, Medieval Night in Prague. Thank you so much for your support for the reservation and for your nice gesture about my birthday cake.” 

For detailed info and reservation for Medieval Night in Prague, click here.


1. Merve Tuğtekin, August 2016Before coming to Prague, I need to arrange a place for my visa application but I could not find a dormitory which fit my criteria. However, later on I heard ÇekTürk and they were supplying assistance in every way. They are helping your all problems economically also in a very fast and effective way. They found me a dormitory in Prague just like I wanted. Dormitory is very nice and secure. The room is double room and we have a private bathroom. In every floor there is kitchen and you can do any dish you want. Also dormitory has library and fitness center that you can spend your free time. Moreover Çektürk keeps supplying assistance in any problem when you come to Prague. Thank you for this ÇekTürk.

2. Merin Yıldırım, December 2016: “It is not easy to find dormitory in Prague, especially if you are looking for new, safe and high-quality one. Before coming to Prague I did some research on internet but I couldn’t find a decent one, most of them were old and crowded. After that I sent an e-mail to ÇekTürk. They responded quickly and offered me some accommodation options, Rooms5 was one of them. Rooms looked nice and new from the pictures that I saw afterwards I resevered a room from Rooms5. They sent me the document (proof of accommodation) fastly which I needed for visa application. When I went to Prague rooms looked exactly the same on the pictures, they were newly decorated and dorm was close to metro and bus station. If you have any problems with dorm, you can consult to ÇekTürk and they will get in contact with dorm peer to peer. I would like to thank you ÇekTürk for recommending that private dormitory to me, if I ever come back to Prague I will stay in this dormitory again!”

3. Didem Demircan, October 2017: “After a long struggling period of finding a dormitory in Prague, I have found ÇekTürk and they recommended me a private dorm in Prague. They supported me a lot to contact the dorm and to receive fast responses from them. Dorm is very clean and comfortable, the employees are also very smiling and concerned. I am thankful for the efforts of ÇekTürk. Thank you so much for not forgetting me even after my arrival to Prague, and for asking me how am I. So glad to met ÇekTürk!”

For private dormitories, finding a flat and proof of accommodation document in Prague, click here.

TOURISM SERVICES – Turkish Tour Guide in Prague

Necla Müfettişoğlu, October 2016: “Our Prague trip was amazing thanks to the Turkish tour guide in Prague — whom ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk organised for us. On behalf of my group and also for me, I would like to thank you to ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk. I wish to see you soon…”

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Duygu Üstüner Yıldırım, Mart 2017: “Çekya ile Türkiye arasındaki hem ticari hem bireysel ilişkilerin geliştirilmesi anlamında kurulmuş tek özel kuruluş olan ÇekTürk isimli kurum ve Türk temsilcisi Ece Ergüney de size maddi kaygı gütmeksizin yardımcı oluyor. Sorunlarınızı çözebilmeniz için kendisiyle her iletişime geçtiğinizde son derece kibar, hızlı ve efektif yanıtlarla yanınızda olduğunu hissettiriyor.”

EVENT MEDIA PARTNERSHIP, 5th World Ebru Day Prague 2016

Xenia Sulimenko (Managing Director at MSB EVENTS): Not only were they professional and detailed in their approach to the work, but they were a true pleasure to work with as well. The results they produced were fantastic (and believe me, our Turkish partners reviewed every detail.). From our independent QC, professional translators we hired to quality check the work agreed with our partners, giving ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk outstanding grades.”

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 EDUCATION SERVICES – Intensive Czech Courses with Visa in Prague

Evren Boyraz, November 2016: “I would like to thank ÇekTürk for their support during the process of applying intensive Czech courses with visa in Prague. I had an opportunity to get to know them closely while participating their events in Prague. Including language courses, they have all kind of useful information which is respectable. Congratulations!”

Furkan Bucak, April 2017: “I have already lived abroad such us in Ukraine and in Hungary but unfortunately, education agencies never made me satisfied as they didn’t show any interest about my demand and questions. Despite that, your attitude and having provided me necessary informration, made me really content. I sincerely thank you and wish you a lot of success.”

For our Czech / English / Turkish language courses in Czechia, click here.

TOURISM SERVICES –  Vltava Cruises in Prague

Hasan Yıldırım, November 2016: “You cannot leave the Czech Republic without having a boat tour on Vlatava River. ÇekTürk came to my mind and they arranged our boat tour. As we did not have enough time, we had 1-hour standard boat tour and it was enjoyable. It was also wonderful and marvelous to see the city from Vltava River. We would like to thank ÇekTürk for arranging everything.”
For our Vltava Cruises in Prague, click here.
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Mutlu Acer, July 2017: “Mozart dinner in Prague was amazing. Both dinner and entertainment were great! Especially we loved the performance of the musicians.”

For further information about Mozart dinner in Prague’s historical ball room, click here.


Necati Mert Mahmutoğlu, August 2017: “My request was done in such a short time — about changing the dates of my Czech health insurance. So I would like to thank you to ÇekTürk for that.”

Mert Kırkağaç, August 2017: “Thank you ÇekTürk for Czech insurance companies’ suggestions and your support. Thanks to you, we have done everything about health insurance quickly.”

To buy tour health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic, please click here.


Volkan Uysal, April 2020: “Best guidance that I could have in the Czech Republic. Perfect coordination and communication, honest and reliable service and I don’t think could be better in Czech Republic. You are doing amazing job and it is very helpful for people like me that who is in process of integration to life in here. Much much appreciated and thank you very much once more. “

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