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The proof of  accommodation is one of the basic documents required for almost all visas and residence permits in Czechia. Therefore, you should be very careful when getting this document.

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What can be used as a  Proof of Accommodation ?

-Document certifying the ownership of the house or apartment

This will be in case if you or your partner is a host in Czech Republic. This document must be proved by the document that received from the title deed-cadastre. If your flat is a common property (with your partnert / other family members / business partner), you do not need to get permission from your other partners. If your partner owns an apartment in Czech and you are not partner to this apartment, but you live in this apartment with your partner, you do not need to get any special proof of accommodation certificate from your partner.



The rent contract is one of the most common methods of accommodation documentation. However, there are a few things to watch out , because there are many options that you may encounter and need a different approach:
cekturk-vize-oturum-izni-konaklama-belgesi-çekya-kira-sözleşmesi1.1 Rental contract between tenant and  landlord:

It is one of the most common options you may encounter. On the other hand, there are some applications that you need to get your own. The tenancy agreement must be signed between the tenant and the landlord and include the tenant’s full name, identity number, date of birth, residence address.

1.2. Rental contract between tenant and “Družstvo” (housing co-operative):

The same conditions as the housing co-operative also apply to the sublet contract.The current tenant has provided the original (or notarized copy) of the contract, or the existing tenant has requested a direct accommodation document from the original owner.

1.3.Sublet Contract:

The same rules apply to the sublet contract as the housing cooperative. The existing tenant is required to provide the original (or notarized copy) of the tenancy agreement or a direct accommodation document from the original owner.

1.4.Rental contract between tenant and the company:

This rental contract is very similar to the rental contract between the tenant and the landlord described above. We can only add a few extra steps. First, the rental  contract must be signed between the tenant and the company that owns the title-cadastre. The second important point is that the contract must be signed by the director of the company.

A negative situation for these kind of contract is that the signatures do not have to be notarized. This means that you can easily sign your own lease contract even without seeing the official person. For this reason, the Ministry of the Interior (the competent authority that endorses the visa / residence permit) generally does not accept such contracts as accommodation documents.


This contract contains information about the apartment owner (full name, date of birth, ID number, residence address), information about himself / herself (exact address and number of the house), information about the time the accommodation letter is given and information about the tenant (full name, nationality, passport number And date of birth).

The signature of the landlord in the accommodation letter must be certified by a notary. This is the biggest difference between the rental agreement and the accommodation letter. This is the safest option for all visa applications.

Renting an Apartment as Online

Here, the tenant must pay a security deposit, which is usually equal to one month’s rent. Also, from the moment the tenant is rented, tenant has to pay the whole month until his visa is approved (usually a minimum of 3-4 months).

You can find all visa documents in Embassy of the Czech Republic’s website:

Proof of Accommodation : It has to be original, wet-signed from the university in the Czech Republic. Proof of accommodation must be notarized in Czech Republic. If it is a contract, it has to be original, wet-signed and it has been signed by the applicant owner at the consulate.  

Recommended that you should contact consulate about the document which sends from the university in the Czech Republic to your consulate by  ”databax” method whether the document reachs or not.

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