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 As ČeskoTurecko / CzechTurk, established in Czech-Turkish partnership provides to you before entering the Czech market detailed market research, consultancy, supporting in pricing-budget and feasibility studies. Also we are very pleased to be able to establish your business plan for the Czech Republic together with you in the most appropriate way and to enter into the Czech market with success.

What is the market research and why it is necessary  before entering the market ?

The market research provides demand conditions at various markets and sales forecasts for specific sector, determining marketing problems, conducting new marketing activities, and developing new markets.

  Industry Analysis cekturk-marketing-pazarlama-arastirmasi-

We provide you determine how big your sector is in terms of revenue and number of players. This is one of the most important data you need to determine in the first step. Keeping up to date trends is also very important for your market research and your business plan. We offer the innovations and trends (technological, cultural and demographic) that may be appropriate for you and provide you with the right information.

Competitive Analysis

You know that  you have many competitors in many business areas. However, do you think that you have a full of information about your competitors ? The more and accurate information you have about your national and international competitors means that you have a good start so you can be more successful. Here we analyze your competitors and help to understand how your competitors differentiate themselves in the marketing efforts.

Target Market Analysis

Identifying your target market is one of the most important parts of your business plan. You need to know who your target audience is and how you can reach them. It will be an advantage for you to find out what their concerns are. Most importantly, how will you market your products and how to sell them.

We are pleased to conduct your feasibility studies, detailed market / industry / competitive research, pricing and budgeting professionally before entering the Czech Republic market.

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