Outdoor Cinemas in Prague

Outdoor Cinemas in Prague

In a city like Prague, no matter where you look at you see something beautiful, but here there is still more to see besides the history and nature; many nice outdoor films! Moreover, it does not really matter in which part of you are in, because you will have more than one option.To start with the most recent one;

Expo Outdoor Cinema

expo-outdoor cinema-Prague-summer

It is launched in May 2017 at Výstaviště Prague 7’s Holešovice district.If the weather conditions are like how they are expected, the programs will last until September.On their schedule, they have the most recent films which will be shown from every Wednesday to Sunday.Screening starts at 9:15 and you will only need to pay 120 kc to see the films.

In order to buy the tickets, you can either use Bio Oko website or you can visit Bio Oko and get your tickets in person.Even if you decide to go there spontaneously, you can buy the tickets from the office that opens  1 hour before the screening.

Another advantage of this outdoor cinema is that by paying the deposit you can borrow headphones so while enjoying being outside nothing will not prevent you from focusing on the film.

Another fact that you should keep in your mind is that the foods and drinks can be bought from the bar of Expo Outdoor Cinema so in this case, it would not really be appropriate to bring your own food and drinks with you.

In order to see the programs and to buy the tickets, you can view the link below.



meet factory-prag-yazlık sinema-açık hava sineması

The second outdoor cinema in Prague that I would love to mention is MeetFactory.As a feature that you do not see in other outdoor cinemas, at MeetFactory you can choose the film you would like to watch by voting on Facebook.

The screenings start at 21.30 in June and July and at 20.30 for August.

The MeetFactory is especially advantageous for the ones who live in Prague 5.The entrance costs only 80 CZK but if you live in Prague 5, you will only need to pay half of the price.

If you would like to know about upcoming films and get your tickets you can check the website.


 Tiskárna na Vzduchu

Třetí ročník Fair Fair ~ prvního Finger Food Festivalu v Praze!

This other place that I will mention is not only for outdoor cinema but also a place in which many concerts, theatre and festivals are taking place.It locates in the edge of Stromovka and it is called Tiskárna na Vzduchu.You can easily get there by taking a tram to the station Vystaviste Holesovice

For those who would like to see a film, the screenings take place every Tuesday and start at 20.30.The price of tickets is only 50 CZK.

Just like the other places you can order wine, beer, lemonade and cocktails here.

For the web site: http://tiskarnanavzduchu.cz/


containall-Prag yazlık-sinema


In the outdoor cinema that I will mention now is free! You can go and watch the movie without paying any money.

This place called Containall is actually an outdoor bar and a cultural centre.It locates at Malostrana district and it is very close to the riverside.Besides, it has an amazing view of Charles Bridge.

Address of Containall: Cihelná, Prague 1

The movies that are shown here are mostly art and experimental films.The screenings take place every Tuesday either at 21.00 or 21.30.

To see the program you can click the view the link below.


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