Are you planning to come to the Czech Republic as a student, Erasmus student or just as a tourist? You might be coming to the Czech Republic temporarily or you might be planning to settle down here, in each of these cases, you need a health insurance in the Czech Republic!

Non-EU citizens (students / tourists) are obliged to have travel insurance in the Czech Republic. Travel insurance, except for the compulsory actually provides much convenience to you. Suppose you do not have health insurance in the Czech Republic and if you have to go to the doctor in the Czech Republic, you will have to pay all the costs of your treatment and have an additional expense!

The health insurance that is purchased from Turkey doesn’t apply to the person who will stay in the long-term Czech Republic.

If purchasing your health insurance is the last requirement left for your Czech visa, this blog post is definitely for you!

We as ÇekTürk, we cooperate with the most reliable and professional Czech insurance companies that provide insurances that are valid for every Czech official institution. In order to help Turkish customers in a more efficient way, ÇekTürk made something unique! Currently, ÇekTürk is exclusively providing online health insurance form in Turkish language, thanks to great cooperation with UNIQA insurance company. For further information about all insurance companies we cooperate with, please click here!

Medical Insurance for Foreigners from PVZP

ÇekTürk is always improving their serives and we have recently started cooperation with PVZP insurance company. PVZP is branch of the VZP ČR which is one of the largest insurance companies in the Czech Republic.  VZP is the first and largest health insurance company in Czech Republic which providing private and public medical plans.

PVZP, which has been active in the Czech Republic since 2004 as a branch of the VZP CR insurance company in the Czech Republic, which has many years of experience since 1993 in the international field. PVZP is a health insurance company that has collaborated with the largest number of hospitals and it is possible to get any kind of medical treatment you want with this insurance.

PVZP offers 3 different health insurance options:

PVZP Medical Insurance Basic PVZP Medical Insurance Plus pvzp_medical_insurance_exclusive_icon




Foreigners’ Basic Medical Insurance (ZZPC) – It is very easy to get this insurance that is suitable for students and tourists, providing basic assurance for those who want to get health insurance!

Foreigners’ Comprehensive Medical Insurance Plus (KZPC PLUS) – It is very easy to get this insurance that is suitable for professional workers and pregnant women who give comprehensive level assurance for those who want to get health insurance!

Foreigners’ Comprehensive Medical Insurance EXCLUSIVE (KZPC EXCLUSIVE) – It is very easy to get this insurance, which is suitable for professional workers, professional sportsman, pregnant women or new mothers and seniors who give premium high comprehensive guarantee for those who want to get health insurance!

The advantage of buying your health insurance online via ÇekTürk: buying your insurance online is more discounted than buying it from the store.


Language advantage:

ÇekTürk offers Turkish (UNIQA) and English (SLAVIA, MAXIMA, PVZP) insurance form options and your insurance policy will be delivered to you in Czech language, as the Czech embassy requires!

Discount for students:

When buying the insurance those who are students should select the option “student” so they do not miss student discount.

The dates of your insurance should cover one day before your arrival and one day later your departure.

What you need to do to buy health insurance for foreigners from PVZP:

  • Entering the insurance page on the ÇekTürk websites and choosing PVZP
  • Fill in the few blank spaces that you need to fill: Name – surname – date of birth – beginning / end of insurance – passport number etc.
  • To make payments: You have to pay by credit card on the online system.
  • Lastly, document your health insurance holder: After your purchase, your insurance policy will arrive at your e-mail address as soon as possible in PDF format.
    • If you will stay in the Czech Republic for short-term (less than 90 day), you should have Basic Health Insurance.
    • If you will stay in the Czech Republic for long-term (more than 90 days), you need a Comprehensive Medical Insurance.

That’s all! Finally, all you need to do is get your e-mail from your insurance policy as PDF! Your health insurance is now complete! Now you can start preparing suitcases for the Czech Republic!

As a ÇekTürk customer, Necati Mert Mahmutoğlu says: “My request was done in such a short time — about changing the dates of my Czech health insurance for foreigners. So I would like to thank you to ÇekTürk for that.”

We are pleased to cooperate with PVZP insurance company which has been experienced for many years in the international field which has the widest doctors and hospital network! Besides as ÇekTürk, we are offering 3 more reliable Czech companies for your Czech health insurance: UNIQA, SLAVIA, MAXIMA. It’s easy to buy your insurance online just by taking 10 minutes! Click here for more detailed information.

Click here to purchase your health insurance online within 10 minutes from the most reliable and professional insurance companies in the Czech Republic, with the confidence of ÇekTürk.

 If you still do not know which insurance you should have or if you have any problems about language – form – payment, for your questions contact: