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If you come to the Czech Republic you should definitely watch world-famous performance in these magnificent opera halls. ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk is pleased not only to do this but also to offer you a much more special service!

Would you like to watch some of the world’s most famous operas in the heart of Prague, the historic ballroom in the Old Town? It’s also just a limited number of audience and you will feel very special!

“Mozart dinner in Prague was amazing. Both dinner and entertainment were great! Especially we loved the performance of the musicians.”

Mutlu Acer, July 2017

cekturk-opera-mozart-dinner cekturk-pragda-opera- opera-prag-cekturk

Located in the heart of Prague’s Old Town district, the historically preserved ballroom is breathtakingly beautiful. It is one of the legendary venues in Prague and it was where large parties and shows were regularly held in the evening until the beginning of the communist era.

The musical ensembles consist of the Czech Opera House, the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra and the prestigious artists in the famous Salzburg Room Soloists. You can find the most famous arialari and duets such as “Don Giovanni” opera (world premiere in Prague 1787), “Marriage of Figaro” and “Magic Flute”.

cekturk-pragda-opera-dinnerHere you can not just find the opera, but also taste the flavors of Czech and Austrian cuisine. Soup, main course and dessert with the three-stage they prepared for you, accompanied by private and local drinks, you are making a great start yet. Afterwards, you can enjoy the game, which is thought to be prepared just for you, with pleasure!

Important informations :

  • At 18.30, they start accepting their guests.
  • The last drink order is 18.50.
  • The concert starts at 19.00.
  • There is no ticket refund.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the ballroom.
  • There are login options for the disabled.


If you would like to watch this special show in Prague please contact us via :