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Metropolitan University


CeskoTurecko, ÇekTürk offers you a high-quality education in Metropolitan University through ÇekTürk education consultancy services.

Metropolitan University Prague (MUP) ranks among the oldest and largest private universities in the Czech Republic. Every year, approximately 2000 students enrol in the first year of studies at Metropolitan University. MUP provides education to approximately 5300 students. MUP offers study programmes in the area of the humanities, international territorial studies, legal specialisations, media and communication studies, and international economic relations in both full-time and part-time forms of study in English.

Metropolitan University – Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

  • International Territorial Studies: Anglophone Studies
  • International Economic Relations: International Business
  • International Territorial Studies: International Relations and European Studies

Metropolitan University – Master’s Degree Programs:

  • International Territorial Studies: Anglophone Studies
  • International Territorial Studies: International Relations and European Studies
  • International Economic Relations: Regional Studies and International Business

MUP operates in Prague and in three university centres in Pilsen, Liberec, and Hradec Králové.

*Metropolitan University Prague provides education in Bachelor’s Degree (Bc.), Master’s Degree (Mgr., Ing.), and Doctoral Degree (Ph.D. and PhDr.) study programmes; consequently, MUP ranks among the few private higher education institutions with a university status in the Czech Republic.

MUP ranks among the leading private universities in the Czech Republic with a network of more than 130 partner universities on 5 continents.

6 Reasons To Study at Metropolitan University in Prague

  • Modern & Internationally Competitive Education
  • Dynamic Student Body: approximately 5300 students with 19 per cent of foreign nationals from 69 countries.
  • Fully Integrated Bilingual Approach:
  • – study programmes conducted entirely in the English language
  • – English-speaking members of faculty and administrative staff
  • – intensive preparatory courses of English or Czech for Foreigners
  • – further language instruction during studies
  • Vast Assortment of Exchange Programmes
  • Double Degree Options: -Free of additional fees. Graduates are awarded diplomas from two universities.
  • Study in a Vibrant City

Modern Environment and High-Technology equipment

  • 3 entirely barrier-free facilities in Prague (Strašnice, Žižkov, and Jarov districts)
  • two fully-equipped multimedia labs that provide MUP students with an opportunity to learn how to complete day-to-day multimedia tasks, e.g. audio and video recording, editing, and broadcasting
  • modern lecture rooms equipped with video projectors and audio systems with wireless microphones
  • secured Wi-fi access points
  • electronic Student Information System
  • ISIC/ALIVE cards for students issued directly at the university
  • lounge areas providing students with comfortable environment where they can relax and socialise
  • protected bike racks for students and staff on the university premises

Tutition Fees: Full-time studies EUR 2039. Part-time studies EUR 1779.(For one academic year)

Language: English

” The university proposes very useful subjects, which can be really used in the future. Some of the teachers opens your eyes and shows how real world looks like, what is really happening in it and teaches social responsibilities. When you come here, it is not a vacation, you have to study, but you have time for everything: studying, traveling, going out, relaxing. ”

” The Metropolitan University of Prague offers courses in English, of matters related to political science, which would allow me to grow in terms of academic, exposing me to a student’s context different from the Italian one. In addition to that, it would allow me to grow up even under the personal profile, as well as it would offer me the opportunity to increase my knowledge and broaden my horizons. ”

Accommodation, Health Insurance For Foreigners, Translations for Czech Visa Application:

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