is Looking for Turkish People in Czechia for an Interview is Looking for Turkish People in Czechia for an Interview

Through our ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk organisation, Czech online news portal is looking for Turkish people (family/couple/individuals) living in the Czech Republic for a while and who would like to give an interview about life and Islam in the Czech Republic. The interview can be conducted in Czech or in English language. As being the biggest Czech – Turkish community, we are glad to support Czech news portal to find Turkish people living in Czechia. is an online portal under one of the biggest Czech media group MAFRA. And currently, portal  is preparing a series of articles about Muslims in the Czech Republic. These series of articles is considered as a response to the politicians / other people who are tying to stir up fear about Muslims and their immigration to the Czech Republic have grown in recent years, while awareness of Islam in general and local Muslims is rather small.

Topics of Interview for

  1.  Circumstances of departure to the Czech Republic and attraction to the local environment.
  2.  Life in the Czech Republic, or the activity of the Turkish community
  3. Opinions on some of the topics discussed in connection with Islam and Muslims in recent years.

The interview should take place during July 2018. If interested, please write an e-mail to 

Thank you for your interest. 🙂