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Health and Beauty

We are glad to offer you health and beauty services both in Czechia and in Turkey. We have been cooperating with the most reputable hospitals and clinics in both countries, thus we are able to offer you high quality services and economical options. For your demand, contact us via:

1. Beauty and Care Services in Czechia

For Consultation, Regenaration – Rejuvenation, Wrinkles Treatment , Lips Shaping, Skin Lesions Removal, Problematic Skin Treatment, Improving body contour, Cellulite Treatment , Hyperhidrosis Treatment, Laser hair removal, Plastic surgery, Cosmetic Care, Massage and more in Prague, click here.

2. Hair Transplantation in Turkey:

We are glad to provide hair transplantation services in Turkey, at the most reputable hospitals in Turkey. For further details about hair transplantation in Turkey, click here.

Transplantace vlasů

3. Eye Operations in Turkey

We are glad to cooperate with the most reputable eye hospital in Turkey. Not only in İstanbul, but also in other big cities such as Ankara, Adana, Antalya, Bursa and more. Every year from 107 different countries, around 50.000 foreign patients are having their eye operations in this hospital. The hospital was founded in 1996 in İstanbul. They are providing many different eye operations services.

For detailed information, for your questions and demand, contact us via: