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1. Equivalence (Nostrifikace) of Diploma in the Czech Republic:

Equivalence of diploma means that your associate degree, undergraduate and graduate diploma from Turkey are equivalent associate degree, undergraduate and graduate diploma that given in the Czech Republic. It calls ” nostrifikace ” in Czech and “accreditation” in English. This document shows the diploma requested from Turkey recognise and valid in the Czech Republic.

Why you need Equivalence of Diploma in Czech Republic ?

According to the agreement of the Czech Republic on the definition of the diploma from the universities in Turkey,  Regional Authority shall a document that confirm the equivalence of the foreign university in the Czech Republic. You have to deliver some document like your an original of the diploma or an officially approved copy of the diploma in Turkey, educational information with details, the contents of the lessons you have seen, power of attorney (if under 18), payment document for administrative costs and your address in the Czech Republic.

2. Equivalence (Nostrifikace) of Certificate in the Czech Republic:

Certificate is a document that  after completing a course or seminar. If you want to make a career or specialize in the your field thanks to your certificate, you need to get ” equivalence certificate ” in Czech Republic.

The equivalent certificate means that Czech Republic accepts the documents such as certificate, course completion certificate from Turkey. For example, if you have a yoga, masseur, cooking certificate if you are a doctor and you want to make a career in Czech Republic, you need equivalent certificate. There is an application process for getting certificate and some documents to be completed.The documents requested vary to the sector.

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