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Once you are visiting the Czech Republic, do not go back to your country without tasting famous Czech cuisine in typical Czech restaurants with ÇekTürk privilege !

All the tourists and expats living in the Czech Republic, should try the delicious Czech food! It mostly consists of meat (beef, pork, duck, rabbit etc.) with different types of sauces and a side dishes. Traditional Czech recipes tend to be high in calories, fat and sugar (to be able to live in the cold climate!). We recommend you to taste those traditional Czech foods below:

  • Czech traditional soupsPotato soup, Garlic soup, Chicken noodle soup, Beef soup with liver dumplings, Sauerkraut soup, Dill soup, made from sour milk
  • Czech traditional main courses: beef goulash (a thick beef stew) with dumplings, beef sirloin with dumplings and vegetable cream sauce, roast pork, dumplings and sauerkraut, roasted duck with sauerkraut and dumplings, fried cheese – a thick slice of cheese, breaded and fried, roasted chicken with potatoes, stuffed bell peppers with tomato sauce, breaded and fried mushrooms, fruit-filled dumplings.
  • Czech traditional side dishes: boiled potatoes, Roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, French fries (bramborové hranolky), rice, Bread dumplings, Potato dumplings, Sauce, Sauerkraut or cabbage, potato salad and more!
  • Czech desserts: Crepes  filled with jam or fruit such as strawberries , chocolate , whipped cream (šlehačka) and sometimes nuts, Honey cake called Medovník, Fruit-filled dumplings, Apple strudel and more!

ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk strongly recommends you those 2 Czech restaurants below: 

1. Typical Czech Restaurant in Prague centre – serving your beers by trains!

If you wish not only delicious food, but also different ambiance, you can find many options in Prague. Here is located directly on Wenceslas Square a luxury location and definitely worth a visit. It has a unique restaurant experience.Your chosen Czech beer is served on the table by train.

cekturk-cek-yemekleri-czech-restaurants- cekturk-czech-restaurants-cek-yemekleri-

Their trains that make tens of kilometers every day have already served more than 6 000 000 customers in their restaurants nowadays.Another highlight thing is that you can taste not only of Czech cuisine, but also a lot of variety cuisines. You should make reservations with ÇekTürk privilege before coming, because there is usually full.

For your questions about this typical Czech restaurant in Prague city centre with original trains, contact us via

2. Classical Czech Restaurant with Numerous Types of Beers and Delicious Czech Food:

Also in Prague you can see many kind of beer restaurants. They offers up to 160 different beers from all over the world. Visitors may taste the delicious local Czech beers or attend lectures or thematic evenings with beer and brewing themes. Their goal is to offer customers the best beers from their country and from countries where there is brewing at a high level. With their special beers, they recommend him Bavarian sausages, meatloaf or pate, wild boar directly from the Bavarian butcher.

cekturk-czech-restaurants-pipa-beer-story cekturk-beer-czech-foods-pipa-beer-story

  • Wide selection of beers from the mini breweries
  • 8-10 current beers on tap, 160 bottled beers
  • Pairing beer with food
  • Beer themed evenings and lectures

Özge Özçakmak : ” This special restaurant, which is the known oldest brewery in the world, has a really different atmosphere.  You feel so excited to taste a 500-year-old beer that they produce. The waiters are offering you this special beer, like offering a tea on the huge tray.In  this authentic and old restaurants’s united tables, even the people who you do not know, in a very short time the atmosphere of conversation is very nice and pleasent.Of course one of the reason is the effect of the accordion that accompanies you in the background and the effect of the unique beers.The prices are also reasonable. I can definitely say one of the best places in Prague to taste traditional Czech dishes and this delicious beer. ”

Gözde Maden : ” Daytime is a cafe restaurant and in the evening is a typical Czech pub. You find yourself as part of Czech cultures and you feel like you make time travel in this restaurant decorated with traditional motifs.I recommend you to taste traditional potatoes and garlic soups besides the delicious dark beer that has been produced for 500 years. When you are in Prague, you should definitely visit here. ”

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3. The Most Famous ”Microbrewery” Restaurant in Prague:

Here is the only brewery in Central Europe which has been brewing continuously for over 500 years!

  • It is one of the most popular microbrewery restaurants in Prague.
  • The brewery restaurant offers their guests over 1200 seats in 8 halls and in a garden.
  • Menus include samples from typical Czech cuisine.
  • The beer produced here is excellent and you can join the brewery tour there. It has a really traditional and authentic atmosphere.


You can see copper vats from 1937, in which beer is still brewed today. The tour of the brewery takes approximately 45 minutes and is comprised of a beer tasting, a short video, an explanation of brewing processes, history of the brewery, and of course a visit in a cellar and a brewhouse.

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Bon appétit / Dobrou chuť !