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After completing 9 years of compulsory primary education, students in the Czech Republic generally choose one among 3 types of secondary schools which are: 

  • General secondary school (gymnázium)
  • Secondary technical school (střední odborná škola – SOŠ)
  • Secondary vocational school (střední odborné učiliště – SOU)


Gymnázium provides to students general education. It generally prepares the students for the university as they have very wide of focus of education without any specification. The students start to attend gymnázium after 9 years of compulsory school and it lasts for 4 years. At the end of their studies in gymnázium, students take a final exam called “maturita”. They are also special types of gymnázium which students can start earlier during their primary education and these kinds of gymnázium take 6 or 8 years.

Secondary Technical School

Secondary technical school provides a complete secondary vocational education(4 years) which is concluded with a final exam (maturita). Secondary Technical Schools are intermediary level between secondary schools (gymnázium) and secondary vocational school. In these schools, both general subjects and vocational technical subjects are taught. So at the end, students have the knowledge in the fields of technology, science, economy, medicine and pedagogy.

The graduates of secondary technical school can also continue their studies in the university.

Secondary Vocational School

Secondary Vocational School offers apprenticeship training. The duration is mostly for 3 years and sometimes also 1 or 2. Students conclude their studies with a final exam and apprenticeship certificate. In order to give the students the manual skills, half of teaching time is devoted to practical training.

Maturita exam

Maturita exam is the final exam to finish 4 year secondary schools. It is required for university studies and professional schools. It is also called adult exam and the aim of this final exam is to test what students have learnt during previous studies.

The exam has 2 parts. First one is the test from Czech language including writing the essay on selected topic. Purpose of the essay is to test knowledge of grammar and writing skills. Second part is oral exam from literature and selected foreign language. At gymnázium is obligatory to study two foreigner languages. Students also must select two additional subjects (according to their qualifications) from mathematics, biology, history or physic.

The foreign languages are English, German, French, Spanish or Russian and the students should have B1 level of CEFR in reading, speaking, listening and writing skills.

The mathematics exam has a short written test and oral explanation of results.


There are also some international high schools in the Czech Republic. In these high schools, the courses are taught in English and it makes them a great option both for foreigners and also for Czech students who would like to improve language skills.

As ÇekTürk, we would like to introduce you two of these international high schools in the Czech Republic.

1. International high school in Karlovy Vary


An international school that is welcoming students from all around the world with different educational backgrounds. Even if your English level is not satisfactory, you can still be a student there by studying English for 1 or 2 pre diploma years.

For more information about this international high school please click here.

2.American High School in Prague


It is the first American high school both in Prague and in the Czech Republic. The school provides students an international environment as well as a very good education with American know-how. Also, the prices of the school are very reasonable.

For more information about this American high school in Prague please click here.

In order to have more information about the high school education in Czech Republic, for your questions about the international high schools mentioned above, and to apply them, please contact us via for free consultancy about education in Czechia:
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