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Once you are visiting the Czech Republic, do not go back to your country without tasting famous and delicious Czech beers, going to the beer museum, trying the healing beer spa, enjoyiny the beer bike !

The Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption in the world and also has the most delicious beers. Beer plays a really important role in the life of the Czechs. Besides, the Czech Republic is famous for its “beer drinking culture”.

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It is very popular thing that restaurants that make their own beers in the Czech Republic and they are called microbrewery. You can visit many mini breweries in the Czech Republic on foot, also with your guide you can taste the flavors of these unique beers in Prague.

On this beer tour, which is the Czech Republic’s recommendation, you will not only learn about the taste of the beer, but also learn about the history and how they are prepared.

What is a beer tour and what does it include ?

  • Every week day, the beer tour starts at 18:00 and on weekends it starts at 4:00 pm.
  • Beer tour groups are between 1 and 20 people.
  • It takes about 3 hours.
  • First of all, you need to meet your tour guide at the given address (Prague 1- center) and time.
  • You go to the oldest and most authentic mini brewery in Prague. Here you can get the  brewing master ” certificate.
  • Of course during this time, your guide will give you interesting and historical information about Prague as you walk along.
  • The next step will be another small Czech brewery to taste the unique local Czech beers.
  • Finally, while enjoying the traditional flavors of the Czech cuisine, the most special beers will accompany you.

cekturk_bira_tadim_prag_cek_birasi  cekturk_bira_tadimi_prag_cek_birasi

For further information  and reservation for Prague Beer Tour, contact us via 


For beer lovers, we are offering another beer trend in Prague: Beer Spa !

The health effects of beer have been known for many years. The Bernard Spa in Prague offers beer-lovers the chance to taste local beers while at the same time making a ‘’spa’’ with full of beer !

cekturk-beer-spa-   cekturk-beer-spa-tasting  cekturk-spa-beer

According to beer spa lovers, beer spa has a ‘’calming’’ and ‘’healing’’ effect. The tub is filled with barley, hops and yeast. The ambient temperature is set at 37 °C and the constantly bubbling cuvette is passed for 30 minutes. With the Bernard Spa privilege, it is also possible to have unique beers drink during the spa session.. Also if you wish they can supply massage after this beautiful beer spa. 

Prag_bira_spa_masaj_cekturk  cekturk_prag_bira_spa_masaj_kuvet

According to the experts, beer spa excretes carbohydrates and proteins, which are high in the body while it provides blood circulation.Also a very important feature of the beer spas is that it has become a serious problem nowadays and it is good for insomnia and the sleep problem that many people are looking for.

If you want to try this unique opportunity, you are always welcome to Czech Republic !

To enjoy the healing and relaxing beer spa in Prague and to pamper yourself, contact us via


  • The beer museum in Prague is open every day between 11 am to 8pm.
  • The museum tour takes 90 minutes.
  • Admission includes entrance, tasting of 4 beers, certificate and bottling your own beer!
  • Chance to learn the history and secrets behind making Czech beer, how malt and beer is made, with the real smell of hops and malt.
  • By authentic surroundings and video presentations.
  • The beer tasting in beautiful 13th century cellars, enjoying several types of Czech beers in a two showroom pubs, one  from 19th century and second from communist times.
  • Plus a museum shop, to purchase “beer related souvenirs” for your loved ones in your home town! The best thing to bring from beer country: Czechia!
  • Beer tastings are only for persons aged over 18 years!
  • bira_muzesi_prag_cek_cumhuriyeti  bira_muzesi_prag_bira_tadım_cekturk


Enjoy drinking beer while cycling with your friends at the same time ! You can drink your own cold beers and the sober driver will let you see the best.  A great opportunity to cycle through the heart of Prague, on an enjoyable beer bike and you explore all the most famous sights of Prague.
ceturk-beer_bike_prague_party  cekturk-beer-bike-prague-  beer-bike-prague-cekturk

  • Prague beer bike tours are led by experienced English speaking guides, who aim to show you the best of Prague highlights.
  • Prague beer bike tour is available for 15 persons per bike and 10 people are pedalling.
  • Beer bike tour lasts minimum 2 hours and during the tour you can visit the main areas of the city centre, important restaurans, unique pubs and clubs.
  • Each beer bike tour includes 30 L keg of famous premium Czech beer.
  • You can have a good time with your own music as well.
  • Just ask you guide, if you want to create your own beer bike.

Beer bike is only for persons aged over 18 years!

Çektürk wishes great times for your all these events ! 

You can contact us if you would like to tour and reservation with the famous Czech beer tasting, visit the beer museum, enjoy the beer spa and beer bike :