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International High School in Karlovy Vary

This international high school is a premium-college-preparatory school located in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.

It is a boarding high school whose mission is to help the students develop in all fields in a professional international way!

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The international high school in Karlovy Vary has a healthy, safe, caring, collaborative method  for students who can make more positive contributions to the future. It prepares their students for global world. They use a method which working in small groups, technology integration, a rigorous curriculum and allowing students to take an active role in the learning process. Here is intentionally small, so that everyone may know everyone.  They believe that their students learn how to learn through problem solving, active contemplation and practical activity. They teach them to think, reason, debate, investigate and inquire. The most important thing is that students learn more than one language and learn to appreciate a different point of view.

Education System

The school prepares its students to be successful in International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP).

This international school welcoming students from all over the world is designed to engage a wide range of learners from diverse educational backgrounds. For non-native English speakers, the Pre-Diploma Years 1 and 2 are also designed to prepare their English language skills for the IB DP.

Pre-Diploma Classes

It introduces its students six subject groups of the Diploma Programme :

  • English Language and Literature: Students will read and write extensively in English, including diverse fiction and nonfiction options.
  • Language Acquisition: While English is their primary language of communication, they also promote their students’ ability to communicate in more than one language: German, Spanish, and Czech
  • Integrated Humanities: It includes History, Geography, Business and Economics, Comparative Religion, Citizenship and Government
  • Integrated Sciences: It includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth and Space Science.
  • Integrated Mathematics: It includes Number Theory, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Statistics, and Probability.
  • Visual Arts: It includes drawing, painting, collage, graphics, and craft and design, using paper, textile, wire and other natural materials.

International High School in Karlovy Vary – Application Process

The application process of the high school consists of 5 stages.

  1. Submitting online application.
  2. Providing supplementary information: transcripts from the current and past school year, including all high school years, and English and Math teacher recommendations.
  3. Completing online English test (for non-native English speakers).
  4. Paying €200 as application fee.
  5. The last stage is the interview either in person or via Skype.

Tuition Fees

Since this international school can provide accommodation for students, the fee depends whether the student is also their resident.

School Fees Full Year Offerings

  • Day Student: It means that the student is local and attends all classes and activities from 08:00 – 17:00, including lunch. Weekend trips are available at a nominal cost.The fee for day students is EUR 18,588/  CZK 474,000.
  • Extended-Day Student: It means the local student lives at home but participates in all other aspects of school life, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, study hall and weekend trips. The fee for extended-day students is EUR 22,784/ CZK 581,000.
  • 5 Day Boarding Student: These are residential students that travel home in nearby cities every weekend. The fee for these students is EUR 29,176/ CZK 744,000
  • Full Boarding Student: These students are the students of full residential programme which includes providing room, board, around the clock supervision, and weekend trips. The fee for these students is EUR 34,510/ CZK 880,000.

Families are required to have a deposit of EUR 529 / CZK 13,500 in their personal account and make sure that their balance never drops below this number. The deposit is for in case of any damage to the school property by their child and if there is no damage, the deposit is returned to the family when the student leaves the school.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program


The international high school provides The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. It prepares students aged between 16-19 for the universities with a challenging and balanced method of teaching in academic terms. Students who earn the IB Diploma receive one of the most widely accepted diplomas worldwide for university entry.


Costs: Boarding €32,500, Day €21,500
Merit/Scholarship Awards: Yes

The Weekends at the International School in Karlovy Vary

The school has many different activities at the weekend: Shooting down a white-water river on a raft, or climbing a wall like Spiderman, or having tennis lessons in the sunshine, or lying on the grass in the sun and chatting with new friends from around the world… They care about this because they think that one of the most important thing is that social life.

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Sports Programmes: Golf, tennis, triathlon, volleyball and more: 

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Cultural Trips

Each year students participate different kinds of cultural trips. In this way,  besides they can learn their culture and their life, also they can focus academically  to extend their learning in a chosen subject:

  • London for literature, theatre, and English as an Additional Language.
  • Paris for Science and French.
  • Barcelona for Art and Spanish.
  • Athens for Mathematics.

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-Camps such as English, tennis, golf, film camp and more…

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